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June 23, 2018

Veach Captivates Kids With Talk On Bullying And Racing At 240 MPH

by Racing For Kids

With an entertaining talk on how to handle schoolyard bullying and what life is like at 240 mph, Zach Veach captivated the attention and imagination of 100 youngsters today in a lively Racing For Kids stop at the Sheboygan Falls (WI) Boys & Girls Club.

 It was Veach’s second visit in three years to the Sheboygan Falls facility. For 45 minutes following his talk, the INDYCAR Rookie, who drives for Andretti Autosport, was peppered with a barrage of questions. The questions were well thought out with some surprisingly technical.

One 11 year old boy was very interested in drafting techniques; while a 12 year old girl from nearby Sheboygan asked a series of provocative questions, which Veach answered and then said to her, “Those are good questions. Do you want to be a journalist?”

Another nine year old boy asked: “Do you cheat?”

“No” said Veach, “cheaters are losers.”

From a little girl: ”Have you been stopped by the cops?”

Veach indicated not yet but added: “Every time I see a cop, I think I am speeding even though I am not. I think a lot of people feel that way when they see the police.”

Veach also took some time to talk with the kids about bullying, a popular topic today and one with which he has firsthand knowledge. He was bullied in school by students trying to dissuade him from his goal of racing Indy cars.

At one point he was willing to give up his goal to stop the harassing. But Veach said he is thankful that certain teachers and friends would not “let me quit,” because he reached his goal, is driving Indy cars, and having the last laugh on the bullies, some of whom, ironically, are now his fans.

“Don’t every give up on your dreams. If you really want to be something or do something, you can do it,” Veach encouraged his young audience.

Wrapping up his stay Veach posed for a myriad of pictures, signed hero cards and Racing For Kids baseball caps, as well as, a few arms, hands and T-shirts. He then left his new fans with a hopeful message:

”The last time I was here with you, I went out and won my race (Indy Lights) at Road America. I hope to do that again this weekend. You kids are my good luck charms.”